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First off let me say this… I mean I suppose this is where I should start. I have had blogs for the store before and sometimes I do good at keeping them up. Sometimes. Most of the time though it starts out good and winds up being something I neglect in favor of something else that feels like it could use my time. So this is my promise. I will do my best to write here and to fill you in about what’s happening and what is coming.

What’s Happening?

This is the question I intend to answer first for you every update. I want you to have a clear picture of what is going on at the shop.

As you might or might not know The Nexus 419 is the new incarnation of a store that existed for 9 great years in Sylvania Oh. If you didn’t already know that bit then these next few sentences aren’t for you. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of our previous store. I won’t mention it by name just to avoid confusion, but that did not mean to diminish that place and that time in any way. The previous location allowed me to have some of the best times of my life, to meet the people I now consider my best friends in the world. I wouldn’t be who I am and I definitely wouldnt have the people I have in my life without it. Its those additions in my life that made the decision to move and rebrand hard.

The Nexus 419 as it exists in Rossford is a product of a myriad of factors. The list is almost too massive to recount individually and is far too long to elaborate on, so with that in mind, I’ll hit the high points.

Why Change?
1. The Location: Our previous location was great for many years. When we moved into that space, our plaza was busy and had 2 sought after anchors in Tony Packo’s and a beverage center. By the time we left the plaza had many vacancies and had lost one of the anchors. In addition, the building itself had fallen into disrepair and the owner had no interest in trying to save it. Finally, our lease was up, which would have meant trying to renegotiate against the condition to either have repairs made or for a reduced rent. The end of those negotiations would have resulted in us moving regardless
2. The Name: Changing the name wasn’t nearly as easy as changing locations. Firstly, its a lot of paperwork to change a business name. It takes the expertise that often only comes with a law degree. Also, it means you lose your name recognition. When you are a small business name recognition is everything! If no one knows who or what you are its hard to be successful. Finally, when you change your name you have to start over. I don’t mean you have a clean start because you don’t. I mean you have to go back to square one with all the infrastructure you already have in place and change it to fit your new name, and between you and me, you probably won’t notice the things youve forgotten until a customer brings it up in confusion.

This section is getting long so I’ll stop and in a future post, I’ll explain why we picked what we did in both locations and names.

What’s Coming?

The second and perhaps more interesting question, what’s coming up, what’s next, or my favorite quo vadimus (Latin for Where are we going?). I know I’ve mentioned it and its gotten a little bit of press coverage and Ill have more details later but for now I can tell you the following things are coming… 12 signings in 12 months! Different artists writers publishers creators and comic people every month for AT LEAST a year! Watch this space for an official list in a couple of weeks! I am also pleased as punch to tell you we will be bringing Dungeons and Dragons to the store for the first time, as well as Pathfinder, and others. We will be hosting tabletop RPG nights beginning in early 2020. Finally and this is the big one. Coming in 2020 The Glass City Podcast Company inside The Nexus 419.

Normally this space will be more specific but for now lets just leave it vague and hype fueled.

Talk Soon

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  1. Matthew Thomford
    Matthew Thomford
    November 4, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    First, AWESOME!! Love that you are here in Wood County, actually Perrysburg area. Next, I will be in the shop in before the end of the week, looking to get a few things! Also, I found out about your shop, etc, from the ad in The Messenger Journal, thought u might want to know.

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