Garage Con 2020 Links

Check out all the links below from our guests at Garage Con 2020!

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Find out more about K. Lynn Smith @

Team Floppy Cop:
Milena Deneno: Youtube Patreon
Seth Damoose: Facebook
Dan Dougherty: Beardo Comics Patreon
Jay Fosgitt: Facebook

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Get The Floppy Cop Exclusive Cover Here

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Visit Stefani Manard on her Website

Check out Tara Maslowski Art on Etsy Here

Find out more about Garrett Gunn at Last Wolf Legion

Find out More about Podcasting at A Shared Universe Podcastudio

Pre-Order Broken Gargoyles including Premium Covers Here

Find out more about Ogres Here

Find out more about Salvagers Here

Check out Emily Zelasko’s Art and work Here

Check out Travis Bramble’s Side Quest Webcomic

Find out more about Isaac Bergmann Here

Find Kasey Pierce’s work Here

Find Kasey Pierce and John Marroquin’s book Mexica Here

Find Dominic Riggio’s work including Donnybrook Here

Check out David Hayes’ Work Here and on his own site

Check out Eric Gutierrez’ Max Here

Check out Bill Pulkovski and Tony Miello’s Podcast 2 Cynical A-Holes

Tom Savage’s Art as well as Grimoire Quest are available Here

Check out Rob Hogan’s Painting and art Here and on His Facebook

Check out U Cre-8 Comics

Check out Joon Bug’s World

Check out Vantage In-House Productions

Check out Peep Game Comix

Check out Michael Watson on Short Fuse Media and on Patreon and Youtube

Check out Scott McMahon Art Here

Follow Dave Scheidt on Social Media Twitter and visit his Website

Pre-Order Bug Bites Here

Or check out Corinne Roberts Website Here

Check out Cullen Bunn’s Website and Patreon

Check out Parallel From Adam Ferris Here

Pick up The Good Fight Here

Check out Seeress From Jay Jacot and Kasey Pierce Here

Pick up Eric Palicki’s Comics on His Site

Check out Jarett Walen and Pick up Wait of Gravity Here

Check out Grey Areas and Xero-Gee Comix Here

Get Leah McNaughton Lederman’s Books On her Facebook Page Reach out to Leah on Facebook And Ask about the Garage Con Special

Get Dirk Manning’s Garage Con Special by Visiting his Facebook Message Him about his Garage Con Special